Crescendo's Maestro platform

Maestro is a device charge to compress, accelerate, encrypt and perform load balancing to optimize the server performance improving connection times by a client to a server, and this, to be released many of the tasks that previously had to undertake now can focus on ensuring the connections, not saturating their performance and avoiding potential crashes.


As a result, we obtain the following advantages:
  • It guarantees any client connecting to an online service.
  • It protects your computer from hackers, mass attacks, as it has a high tolerance to the volume of connections.
  • It optimizes the transmission channel due to the compression of data.
  • Security is enhanced by encrypting the transmission thereof.


In all comparisons, the platform "Maestro" gets the best response times in the market. The basic reason that the “dedicated hardware”.

The device does not own a single CPU to manage, via software, one of the benefits, but each of the different processors which own (up to seven) is dedicated exclusively to perform the task for which it was designed (encryption, compression, multiplexing, connections balancing, etc.).

It is the only solution on the market, which, through dedicated hardware performs optimal treatment of connections, hence its power.



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