Why IP? Towards the convergence of networks


Companies of all sizes and sectors are changing their traditional phone Systems


The most significant advantage is the cost savings, and you just have to buy, install and manage a network. It requires less wiring and equipment, and remote offices can have the same power applications, without having to invest in their own infrastructure and software.


Benefits of Unified Communications
  • Improved productivity and communication. Fast moves, incorporations, and changes, increased productivity of mobile workers.
  • Ease of integration. Using existing applications that allows rapid deployments of new applications, terminals with advanced capabilities, ability to deploy new applications.


Topcall - Optimizes B2C and B2B communications, regardless of the platform and the communication channel used.

  • Metamail - Sending a link, for receiving messages, weight higher than usual, to avoid overcharge lines. Avoid faxing.
  • Branch Office - Deploy to multiple locations fax services, voice and SMS, in order to reduce costs, to perform them locally.
  • File - Where to store all messages in an organization.
  • 100% fault tolerance - Ability to connect all servers for maximum security.


ExtendTimeTM - is the first solution, turnkey timing control that automates the management of human resources using Cisco IP phones, instead of card readers to sign the inputs and outputs, you get:

  • Streamline the management of human resources, to obtain real-time online reports.
  • Reduce the costs of the payroll process. Control periods exception: vacation, sick, personal matters use.
  • Marking from the workplace, which avoids having to put a terminal in the gateway.



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