In Worldnet21, we think it is strategic, provide support service, local and specialized our customers. Physical proximity and language bias implies closeness, in treatment, responsiveness, and flexibility, offering a higher quality of care.


Corrective Maintenance and guarantees

The corrective maintenance service ensures the correction of all technical problems that affect the stability and proper functioning of the systems hardware and software included in this project, during the warranty period thereof, which includes one year from the start project launched in operation.

An alternative is to hire independently with Worldnet21, the "maintenance option for additional years," which shall be "added contracts", to be established, and renewed annually, or periods as may be agreed.

When the client detects a problem in the execution of the service must notify Worldnet21, using the means to effect, described below in section support. During the course of resolution of the incident, the Worldnet21 support staff, will determine if the incident stems from a configuration problem, or it is a failure of software or hardware systems.

If the issue is caused by a system configuration error, Worldnet21 provide the means for resolution, following standard procedures support and response commitments, as detailed further below.

In the event that the finding is due to a defect in software or hardware system developed by Worldnet21, the process followed, including a detailed assessment of the cause of the problem, by the Worldnet21. If the fault is hardware type, the options will be evaluated parts replacement, and if applicable, the complete replacement of the equipment. If the failure is of such software, Worldnet21 undertakes to solve it by developing a software fix or patch, apply the solution either through the complete development of a new software version, including the solution of the problem.

If the software or hardware failure occurs in third-party products offered by Worldnet21 as part of this offering, will be the responsibility of the same, the solution of the fault, since in these cases the guarantees are offered directly from the third party manufacturers to end customers. In any case, Worldnet21 is committed to work for the benefit of the client, and act as an intermediary, and first level support in solving the problem with their manufacturers.

The evolutionary maintenance of software and firmware (in hardware systems), is not covered under this heading of corrective maintenance and warranties. The evolutionary maintenance, development and installation is in those systems, all improvements, which may occur, due to the evolution of the state of the art technology, during the contract period. Optionally, this additional service can be arranged with Worldnet21. In any case, test Worldnet21 commitment to its customers, eventually proceed to make these changes evolutionary pro bono, if they involve a substantial improvement in the quality of service parameters, and the degree of commitment to its implementation, not is high in comparison with the other support and maintenance tasks that are in progress to the client.


Service support for response to technical queries and troubleshooting

The support service, covering direct client care by communicating via email, permanently, during the term of the contract, which will be one year since the launch of the project in operation. There is additionally the option to contract independently with Worldnet21, support options for additional years, which contracts shall be added, which will be established and renewed annually, or periods as may be agreed.

The parameters of quality of service support are given below:

  • Unlimited number of incidents: The service Worldnet21 client support provides the availability to create an unlimited number of incidents.
  • Service Hours: Monday to Friday, from 9:30 pm to 17:30 pm, except Saturdays and holidays.
  • Enabling contacts: The Worldnet21 support service includes four authorized contacts for reporting any incidents to Wordnet21. The client may change these contacts anytime.
  • Commitment response time: Response times may vary depending on the priority level of open advocacy. The criticality of priority is defined based on the assessment of their level of involvement in the project contracted service.




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